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Staffing Centre

Is your restricted capacity hindering your ability to get the job done? We can immediately add expertise to your team.

Our expert recruitment team will help overcome your capacity obstacles turning your quality and regulatory plans into reality  

Finding experienced quality and regulatory talent has become extremely challenging for our clients due to a shortage in available candidates. The competition for talent is fierce and the cost of recruitment is high.

Our talent team can provide you with proven and experienced professionals to help you manage and support your quality and regulatory challenges. When you don’t have the staff or capacity in-house, we can assist by identifying individuals and teams from our global consultant network with the right expertise and skills needed for your project or staffing requirement.

Why choose Trinzo?

Robust Hiring Process

We use a robust hiring process to grow our talent pool. Our proven methodologies identify individuals and construct uniquely qualified teams to ensure successful delivery of your project.


The Trinzo Delivery Team uses a combination of on-site ‘Hands on’ models and remote capability tools to support projects across the globe in a timely fashion.

A True Partnership

We partner with our clients to integrate their specific company needs, values and cultures through both our profiling and our competency evaluation techniques.

We do the heavy lifting

We don’t just do the searching, we take care of the paperwork and payroll requirements.


We offer flexible workforce solutions, connecting our clients with expert consultants to meet their short and long term needs.

Dark Blue Professional Recruitment Process Infographic  (3).png



Minimum 2 Stage Competency Based Interviews

CoE Approval - All Candidates are Centre of Excellence Approved

Behavioural and cognitive profiling

Robust Reference and background checks

How can we help?

Whether you need a helping hand or large scale quality and regulatory team, we have the ability to help you to evaluate your needs and quickly mobilize resources to support your business demands.

We can provide you with:

✔ Project Managers

✔ Quality engineers & SMEs

✔ Regulatory specialists & SMEs

✔ Clinical Specialists

✔ Technical Writers

✔ Medical Writers

✔ Compliance Experts

✔ Remediation Experts

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Let's discuss hiring 

Seamless resourcing, with you in mind

Consulting Solutions

Strategy, execution and ongoing client partnerships for any regulatory, quality or compliance need. 

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