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How to choose your Sterilization method for Medical Devices?

Sterilization for medical devices is a critical topic. When developing your medical device, you should start by asking which sterilization process you need follow for your devices.

Duration: 38:24

Trinzo's Jane Scally, joined Easy Medical Device to help provide a clear understanding of how Sterilization should be defined for your medical devices.

The EU IVDR Guidebook and what you need to know about the regulation

Guidebook author Rod Beuzeval joined RAPS senior editor, Gloria Hall, to offer advice on what you can do to comply with the new regulation. 

Duration: 19:13

What happens after the IVDR Date of Application?

Trinzo discusses what the date of application really means for manufacturers and Notified Bodies with Monir El Azzouzi at Easy Medical Device.

Duration: 32:58

Training Process:

What are the mistakes to avoid? [ISO 13485]

Trinzo discusses how to avoid non-conformances in your training process with Easy Medical Device.

Duration: 46:00

The training process can create a lot of non-conformances during audits and we explain how to avoid common mistakes. 

Screenshot-2021-10-12-at-15.32.11-1024x570 (1).png

The power of resilience 

Trinzo's CEO, Liam Turley, sat down with Elemed to discuss the power of resilience and how he went from redundancy to CEO in this unique podcast.

Duration: 37:34

Duration: 46:00

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